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Ann Phillips

Ann Phillips

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My research interests are fairly broad and include self-awareness, possible selves, emotions, and social cognition. My oldest line of research concerns the relationship of self-discrepancies and emotions. This line of study continues and evolves, but I am interested in several areas of research. Recently, I've become involved in a community psychology project that will investigate the impact of new parkland on community pride.

I teach a wide variety of classes, advise students, and love to participate in student travel programs. My favorite classes tend to be those that have plenty of student interactions and collaborations such as research methods, social psychology, and travel classes.

Primary Interests:

  • Emotion, Mood, Affect
  • Life Satisfaction, Well-Being
  • Motivation, Goal Setting
  • Personality, Individual Differences
  • Research Methods, Assessment
  • Self and Identity
  • Social Cognition

Journal Articles:

  • Phillips, A. G., & Silvia, P. J. (2010). Individual differences in self-discrepancies and emotional experience: Do distinct discrepancies predict distinct emotions? Personality and Individual Differences, 49, 148-151.
  • Phillips, A. G., & Silvia, P. J. (2005). Self-awareness and the emotional consequences of self-discrepancies. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 31, 703-713.
  • Phillips, A. G., Silvia, P. J., & Paradise, M. J. (2007). The undesired self and emotional experience: A latent variable analysis. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 1035-1047.
  • Silvia, P. J., Eichstaedt, J., & Phillips, A. G. (2005). Are rumination and reflection types of self-focused attention? Personality and Individual Differences, 38, 871-881.
  • Silvia, P. J., & Phillips, A. G. (2013). Self-awareness without awareness? Implicit self-focused attention and behavioral self-regulation. Self and Identity, 12, 114-127. (International Society of Self and Identity Research 2013 paper of the year. Award given February 2014)
  • Silvia, P. J., & Phillips, A. G. (2011) Evaluating self-reflection and insight as self-conscious traits. Personality and Individual Differences, 50, 234-237.
  • Silvia, P. J., & Phillips, A. G. (2004). Self-awareness, self-evaluation, and creativity. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 30, 1009-1017.
  • Silvia, P. J., Phillips, A. G., Baumgaertner, M. K., & Maschauer, E. L. (2006). Emotion concepts and self-focused attention: Exploring parallel effects of emotional states and emotional knowledge. Motivation and Emotion, 30, 229-235.

Courses Taught:

  • Cognitive Psychology
  • History and Systems of Psychology
  • Human Relations in Organizations
  • Positive Psychology
  • Psychology of Women
  • Research Methods in the Behavioral Sciences
  • Seminar on the Self
  • Senior Capstone in Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences
  • Theories of Personality
  • Travel INDP: Adventures in Paradise: Puerto Rico

Ann Phillips
St. Andrews University
1700 Dogwood Mile
Laurinburg, North Carolina 28352
United States

  • Phone: 910-277-5321

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